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How long does it take to process videos uploaded to Publitio?



  • Publitio

    Hi Anna, our system purges old unused versions from time to time in order to save storage space. Any missing versions should be auto-recreated on access. For this to work you need to have URL-based Transformations enabled at and for  each individual file.

  • Anna Jalava

    Why is Publitio not saving the different versions of the videos, but rather deleting those version after a while. This means the end user is seeing a message "the file does not exist" and there is no version at alla available. I know all the versions have been working in the beginning. 

    Why the automatic process is not starting after a request from the user?

  • Mark

    I am experiencing the same issue it seems as Anna. where people are getting served "Oops... We're having trouble playing this video" or "Processing..." messages after MONTHS of use without problem. 

    It's highly frustrating and damaging to our sites reputation. Is there a solution so that files aren't purged or at the LEAST I can be notified of their purge so I can force them to reprocess? Basically is there some way to guarantee that someone using our site won't have to wait to view content?


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