What can I do with Publitio?

In simple host, process, optimise and deliver your media content.

This is best question anyone can ask so let's give some examples

- Upload Images and deliver them on your website via our global infrastructure.
This will speed up your website loading and your visitors will be more likely to stay on website

- Optimise Images that you are delivering just by changing format from PNG to WEBP
Publitio will reduce size with almost no loss in quality up to 11x so PNG image of 500kb will be around 45kb WEBP.

- Change quality of Images by changing quality option and by doing so reduce size of images even more.

- Create image website/app that has all images uploaded, stored, optimised, thumbnail generated and delivered to final users.

- Create video website/app that has all videos uploaded to it's servers, converted to right formats and sizes
1080p, 720p, 470p, 320p, 240p and delivered to final users.

- Upload video and use Publitio's player to show video on your landing page or simple website

- Monetize videos or images with Publitio's AD VAST Tag support.

You can also read our blog post what you can do with Publitio in order to get more info